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Written Works


Industry-relevant articles written at Camp+King Advertising Agency.


Conversationworthy Cult Brands

I examine the declining belief in God and the closure of traditional places of worship, noting that social media has become a virtual "church" where people now devote themselves to various brands with cult followings. I highlight the significance of trust, authenticity, and transparency in brand management, as consumers increasingly seek to make positive impacts through their purchasing choices. The article explores how brands incorporate religious elements, such as storytelling and community-building, to create devoted followings, citing examples like Apple, Jeep, and Whoop. Additionally, I discuss how celebrities like Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon attract dedicated fan bases and generate conversations similar to those found in religious settings.


"The Trick of Trending"

In my application to work for C+K advertising agency, I was tasked to analyze a brand with an impactful presence on Instagram – specifically in regard to fan engagement and being a must follow. I wrote about Lizzo’s shapewear brand, Yitty, a couple days after its launch in April of 2022, which has since sold out online multiple times.

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