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Camp+King Advertising Agency


At C+K, I worked as a Social Media Manager for global brands like Papa Johns and Four Roses. I effectively optimized brand presence on social platforms by analyzing brand health and content performance, conducting research on online bourbon communities, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and compiling reports with metrics to showcase our success and opportunities for growth. My proudest contributions were presenting a successful creative concept for Four Roses Bourbon, including a well-received jingle that was included in the agency's portfolio, and influencing a transformative shift in the strategy behind a viral TikTok Papa Johns’ collaborated on with Shaquille O’Neil. 


Four Roses Bourbon

Through my research on whiskey for Four Roses at C+K, I had the chance to showcase my creative abilities. I was tasked with presenting a research deck on communication styles and online bourbon communities to department heads, the CEO, and CCO. While fulfilling the specific requirements, I also proposed the concept of Four Roses Bourbon as an "acoustic brand," embodying its "mellow moments" slogan with a sincere and down-to-earth tone. The jingle I wrote received positive feedback from the agency and was included in their creative portfolio.

Mellow Moments Jingle | Four Roses

Papa Johns Pizza

During my role in social media management for Papa Johns, I played a significant role in driving a change in strategy. Building upon the success of the "Shaq-a-Roni" TV commercial, we identified an opportunity to leverage the commercial's catchy chant and create a social media sound bite that would trend among TikTok creators and dancers. I actively contributed to the development of strategy briefs, including researching the dancers best suited for launching the trend, determining the optimal timing for Shaq's participation, and planning when to align it with the Papa Johns brand. This endeavor allowed me to combine my management skills with a deep understanding of the TikTok audience, both as fellow users and potential targets.

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