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Malibu In Sight

As a Sales Associate reporting to Salvatore Sampino, I've average sales of $15,000 daily. My responsibilities extend beyond sales, as I also work with prestigious eyewear brands such as Thélios (of LVMH), Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta), and Akoni (Balmain, Valentino) involving tasks like curating upcoming eyewear collections before launch and overseeing international inventory management and shipments. Our client base consists of Malibu's influential celebrities, whose fashion choices have a significant impact on eyewear trends.

As an Optometric Technician for Dr. Gregory O’Connor, I operate the latest optometric technology, servicing patients when needed. I also compose and organize documentation pertaining to company policies and insurance, legal and financial. I manage the administration and sales of Vision Service Plan (VSP) insurance packages for patients. 

My experience at Malibu In Sight has deepened my understanding of both the fashion and functional aspects of the eyewear industry, inspiring me with the joy and empowerment that clear vision brings to people’s lives.

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