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About me

Driven by a passion for sales, I both enjoy and thrive on the journey from uncovering a customer's pain points to meticulously crafting tailored solutions, all while fostering lasting relationships built on trust and mutual success. 


Sales Associate and Optometric Technician, Malibu In Sight Optometry   |   Fall 2023 - Current

Marketing Manager, Fizz Social Corp.  |   Summer 2023

Social Media Manager & Strategist, Camp + King Advertising Agency   |   2022 - 2023

         Clients: Papa Johns’ Pizza + Four Roses Bourbon

Founder of Denison University’s Record Label: Roll Denny Records (RDR)   |   2021 - 2022

Special Skills

  • Excel in Designer Eyewear Sales, average $15,000 daily.

  • Manage the administration and sales of Vision Service Plan (VSP) insurance packages for patients.

  • Demonstrated expertise in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, and collaboration within the advertising and healthcare industry.

  • Skilled in project management, strategic insight, and effective communication, with experience in writing and presenting for various audiences.

  • Proficient in social media management, consumer insights, and brand strategy, with a strong understanding of social platforms and data analysis.


Denison University, Granville, OH
Bachelor of Arts, Global Commerce major; Bluegrass Music focus
University of Wisconsin, Madison South Asian Summer Language Institute Student

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