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Roll Denny Records


Roll Denny Records is Denison University’s record label operating with an interdisciplinary approach, connecting the Music Department with the Global Commerce, Communications, Data Analytics, and Computer Science Departments to provide students with a well-rounded liberal arts education. Roll Denny Records aims to utilize Denison’s state-of-the-art Michael Eisner Center (Denison Alumni and Donor of Disney) to its full potential through creating recording opportunities for students, showcasing and marketing their work, and ultimately bringing in more talented students, increasing Denison’s art reputation and contributed to the decreased acceptance rate to 17% (as of 2023).

RED Start-Up Pitch Competition

RED Start-Up gives Denison student entrepreneurs resources to ideate and workshop their personal passion projects.

I was awarded sponsorship by Denison to receive coaching from Jordan Sapp, Grammy Nominated Producer, who was an incredible mentor and helped me shape Roll Denny Records to best prepare artists to enter the innovative, creative, ever-changing, music industry post graduation.

Roll Denny Records' Debut Single, "Smile."

I also love to write music in my personal life. While my main focus was the creation of and marketing for Roll Denny Records, my liberal arts education allowed me to record and release my original music to debut the label, as well. 


It was incredible working with Aoife O’Donovan, Grammy award-winning songwriter and one of my favorite artists, on my original song, “Smile,” which ended up being the first single released through Roll Denny Records. I loved learning from her as we rearranged and tightened what I’d written, shaping the song into what it is.

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